El Conde de Torrefiel

El Conde de Torrefiel, La Posibilidad Que Desaparece Frente Al Paisaje,  2015~

LEE : Please introduce yourself briefly.
EL : El Conde de Torrefiel is a Spanish theater company that works professionally since 2010. We like to explore the possibitlies of stage, that means the possibility of art in real time, in presence of an audience. Our creations are seeking for a visual and textual aesthetic where theatre, choreography, literature and visual arts coexist. We are tag as contemporary theater and sometimes as dance. We have create 7 pieces for stage.

LEE : What team is El Conde de Torrefiel?
EL : El Conde de Torrefiel is headed by Tanya Beyeler and Pablo Gisbert as directors of the company. For each project we bring together an artistic team, that gives the final character to the piece created.

LEE : What is the ‘landscape’ in the title of the show ,< Possibilities that disappear before a landscape >?
EL : The landscape is the reality, and the nonsense if it as long as the reality is not anymore something shared but an individual perception. W. Benjamin already in the 30s warned of an eventual loss of the possibility of real experience, or impossibly to experience the reality, which means the impossibility of a common world, of sharing a narration with others; the impossibility of salvation.

LEE : How do you want to show the ‘Spectacle community’ in the stage?
EL : When we talk about landscapes, we are referring to nothing other than this shipwreck of everything that is human by means of a convoluted, almost festive tapestry of events that no longer have any connection to real events, and of experiences that no longer have anything to do with what we have been used to call life. This is why the show is a suite, patient and implacable, of 'spectacle fronts': snapshots of entertainment, festivities, participation, immersion. A sad bulletin for a kind of permanent war to which all mankind has been conscripted without even knowing the reason; because in times of spectacular totalitarianism the old morals based on prohibitions are no longer valid: the new ethical imperative is "enjoy".

LEE : You mention boredom in the show. What is ‘boredom’?
EL : Boredom is the lack of stimulus, distraction or entertainment.

LEE : There is a lot of production using various materials such as ‘jing’, plastic bags, baby pools, toys, and palm trees.The properties of each object are interesting. By what criteria did you choose?
EL : During the creation of the piece we wanted to create a stage dynamic of a sharp, raw and on occasions, violent text in opposition to a gentle and naive images on stage. This was our form to represent the idea that images can seam kind, nice, aesthetically powerful and catching meanwhile they are hiding underneath a very cruel and violent discours and narrative. Colours, plastic and toys were good objects for create that apparently inoffensive images.

LEE : The direction listing series of examples that refer savagery of Europe was interesting. What is the ‘savagery of Europe’?
EL : Actually the text says “Europe sells transgression” not savagery.
According to a western point of view of the world, the dominant vision of the world is the result of European culture. In this specific case, we decide to say “transgression” because in the late XX Century, a lot of progressive thoughts, artistic or social movements were engendered in Europe.

LEE : Thank you for your answer. What is your plan for the future?
EL : Keep on doing theater pieces and be able to do diversificate our artistic work. Make a film would be a nice thing to do for instance.