Eason Tsang Ka Wai

LEE : Could you give me a brief introduction?
EASON : I primary work in photography, video and installation my works revolves anoutmy intest of the concept of space. from observing my city with an unusual perspective to exploring unusual space like “rooftop”. Then  I shift my attention into reality space and virtual space. One of my video installation (Housework no.3 - https://tsangkawai.com/housework-no-3)which is cleaning the interior of a tv. and the video will be displayed on the same tv afterward, the video has an illusions of interior space of the tv, video becomes a medium to link up the display monitor and interior space of the tv.

LEE : You are now the most active artist in your 30s. Do you have a sense of problems penetrating Hong Kong's 20 to 30 contemporary artists?
EASON : For me, Space issue is not only an issue I working on, also an issue I suffer from. Because of the crazy rent. I could hardly afford an studio myself , artwork storage the size of the work is limited even the artwork storage becomes an issue.

LEE : The non-profit space open to young artists? Also, please explain the new space that the younger generation of Hong Kong is making.
EASON : As I know, There was  “Things that can happen” , “100sq ft park “ and “Neptune”. They provides exhibition, residency opportunities to young artist. However those artspace was closed around 2017/18.

new landmark, digital inkjet print, 2014

LEE : I want to talk about < New Landmark > How did the Luftop series start with the influence of cities?
EASON : Walking in street helps me concentrate and brainstorm an new idea. Back in 2010, I was a photography student and looking for inspirations of my school assignments. I had lots of time hanging around in street. The trapped feeling was getting stronger after repeatedly hanging in a street with lots of dense, duplicate like building surround you,then I became looking at building with different perspective to find a way out of this feeling, then “Landmark” will be the result.Meanwhile,I tempt to explore different unusual space which rarely appears in my daily life. I found rooftop is a dubious space which is an private space, no public assessment allow  but it can easily seen by the surrounded building, like a public area. I tried to have an intervention among such dubious relationship. I sneak into different buildings rooftop and capture those surrounding rooftop with camera.

boring 30 seconds, video, CRT Tv, 30 sec, 2016

LEE : In 2016, you were very active in producing a new film. You seem to mock the mechanisms of the city, society, and the environment, what kind of problem did you have in 2016? 
EASON : I was looking for a new direction of my work in 2016, video is the closest medium that I could start with. My idea is an still and long take filming those repeated motion, those repeated motion seems reminding you time is passing by.

LEE : Another video work, < Boring 30 Seconds > was a very interesting Work. How did you get started? 
EASON : Need an explanation This is a fragment of my daily life - working whole day and finally has your personal time to relax. but those hours are actually boring, TV is on, but not actually watching, The TV channel flash every second is like a measurement counting how much time you waste.

LEE : Thank you. Lastly, Tell me about the most memorable project. and what is your future plan? 
EASON : I would choose “Rooftop”, sneaking into a private space was one of the most exciting experience. I have no solid plan yet, but I am now developing my idea and producing new work, look forward to showing them soon!